The MIDNIGHT MOVIES ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is comprised of several motion picture development, production, financing and distribution entities that have unique and dynamic strategies to successfully compete in today’s entertainment marketplace.

The worldwide motion picture industry is dominated by a handful of very large, fully integrated conglomerates that are focused, primarily, on capturing market share via the wide, international release of mega budgeted, branded films and sequels, Digital 3-D animation pictures and other, proven “tent pole” projects with their “specialty” divisions taking responsibility for releasing, on a more limited basis, the less costly, “execution dependent”, talent driven product which continues to divide the industry revenue “pie” into fewer and fewer pieces. (See “Industry Overview”)

In recent years there has been a huge infusion of new, outside capital into the “business”, primarily allocated to the larger distributors, that has resulted in a glut of new productions and increased competition for audiences across all revenue streams. This fact, along with the greater consumer access to evolving digital technology, to both create and consume entertainment content, and the ever expanding distribution capacity of the World Wide Web presents challenges to content suppliers and distributors that now threatens many, current entertainment business models.

The MIDNIGHT MOVIES ENTERTAINMENT GROUP of Companies are all targeted and designed to address, capitalize upon and thrive within the realities of this new marketplace.